Monday, January 24, 2011


in this day and age surely we often experience such thing as cold. because colds can be caused by many things. ranging from fatigue, sleep deprivation, working at night etc.. Login wind was not so dangerous but it is definitely very disturbing our daily activities. starting to feel weak, tired quickly, easily tired. I also often feel the disturbance from the incoming wind, there are many drugs that can relieve colds. But I want to menawarka prescription drugs to cure colds.

below is the recipe:

materials - materials
: 15 gr ginger
: 15 gr ginger
: 15 gr kencur
: 15 g galangal
Method: ginger, ginger, galangal kencur and sliced, the water boiled with 500 cc to 250 cc, filtered, water is taken warm.

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