Monday, January 10, 2011

install UTP cable (Unshield Twisted Pair)

How to install UTP cable (Unshield Twisted Pair)

1. Peel the skin of the cable
2. sort / stacking cable color according to what we need.

If you do not know his order I will help you.
The sequence / structure of the cable there are 2 forms:
Straight composition / sequence is usually used for a computer network using a hub for a network uniting computers, below is the structure:

Crossover arrangement / sequence of this cable is usually used to connect the device / equipment directly to the computer.
3. long equate the colors are so much easier to enter into the connector
4. hold the wires tightly so as not to loose the order, insert the cable into koneknor in accordance with the existing place in the connector.
5. see the end of the connector, if the 8 cables already seen the colors directly pairs with pliers installer.
6. before use should the cable that you create in the first test using the tester

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