Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fossil Watches Can be Connected to Mobile Latest

Fossil watch maker has launched a pair of exciting new wristwatches that can display information from smartphones, allowing users to check messages, status updates and other information directly on their wrist. Two new concept of watches, to connect to the Android devices via Bluetooth, to display information on smartphones, such as calendars, weather reports, notifications for missed calls and email messages and text, on a small LCD screen gray.

Fossil added that the new watches, which originally supported Android and BlackBerry devices, also can show the update Twitter, but the limited resolution of the device will cut a lot of messages. The company will sell this at approximately U.S. $ 200, but did not reveal the release date.

Many existing Bluetooth watches, but the previous models are limited only data calls and do not include social networking. Other devices, such as Sony Ericsson LiveView, also offers a quick glance at how important the mobile data communication. (source)

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