Thursday, October 4, 2012

Format Converter

in some ways, I still often see a lot of users are still using the old version of the software. For example Microsoft Office, there are still many people who use the 2007 version even 2003. whereas the existing 2010 version.

most of them are accustomed to use the old version, but the obstacles they often get sent over the versions of it. If such a file from the new version (above) can not be opened in older versions. I was here to give a solution to the problem

This software can be added to the old version of Microsoft Office to help open the file from above (the latest).

How to install:

1. just click the file. exe
2. checkbox next command (continue)
3. wait until the process is complete

but before it installs on your laptop or computer make sure you have no microsoft Officenya

good luck :)


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