Sunday, December 5, 2010

Google crome

Advantages and Disadvantages Google Chrome

Google Chrome Released 2 September 2008 began yesterday, and these are the advantages and disadvantages of google Chrome:

Excess Google Chrome:
1. fast browsing a lot of people have been saying that google crome faster than Windows Explorer and can bersainging with mozilla firefox
2. Automatic bookmark all the sites that were never opened except histori.dan is definitely very beneficial for parents who installed the internet service at home and at the same time monitor the child - their child if it were playing internet
3. Browser addresses can be used as a search engine

and this is a feature - feature on google crome:
- Supports flash and java
- Use a separate tab memory.
- Supports Indonesian.
- Auto-complete address input
For the moment only that excess Google Chrome.

Lack of Google Chrome:
1. Still in Beta.
2. There are many security holenya, so it is not advisable to use the financial transaction.
2. Usage is still limited to Windows XP and Vista.
3. if digunankan to open multiple tabs will take a lot of memory

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